For the launch of a global brand’s gourmet range, Forno needed its own look and feel while remaining true to the Lay’s brand identity. Strong sub-range branding and sophisticated earthy tones accomplished this, with a prominent nod to the mother brand to keep the design consistent, yet elevated.


An innovative toothpaste requires an innovative design – which is why we recreated Signal’s in the style of cosmetic packaging. The transparent substrate showcases the product to maximum effect, standing out prominently on shelf.


An earthy colour palette and muted tones were the ideal choice for the launch of Lux’s Naturals range, with elemental textures and imagery perfectly reinforcing the earthy feel of the brand.


Self-care meets luxury in this heady sub-brand of the Lux range, one that required an understanding of both femininity and the allure of fine fragrances in order to successfully launch its new packaging design to Lux in China.

“Designing for global brands and diverse markets means never being arrogant or assuming your world view holds. It requires cultural sensitivity and a drive to understand unique perspectives.”

– Susie Chatz-Anderson


A unique seasoning product needs a design to match, one that we were able to create to mouth-watering effect, while at all times staying within the parameters of the stringent Knorr brand guidelines.


Bringing this innovative drill accessory to life presented a unique challenge, which we rose to by taking ownership of the campaign from concept to launch, creating 3D prototypes, managing patent registration, developing the brand and packaging identity, and designing all elements from ATL and BTL to merchandising, digital campaigns, and a website.

“Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential.”

– Thomas J. Watson Junior


Designing a range of fun, friendly characters for Pepsico’s new line of kiddies’ water bottles allowed the brand to both engage with and entertain little ones, while providing a platform for TTL activations, solving both a creative and a business challenge in one.


Given the opportunity to develop the Tropicana Frutz brand from scratch, we knew our approach had to be a groundbreaking one – which is why we set about crafting a compelling brand identity that responded to the need for expressive freedom and release in a non-alcoholic context.

Tropicana Frutz is recognised as one of Pepsico Middle East’s greatest success stories, and chatzanderson is proud to have played a part in this.

“Tropicana Frutz is now the number one sparkling juice drink in Saudi Arabia. The tool kit chatzanderson developed is now used as best practice globally while the packaging and in-store material they designed were key to the success of the brand.”

– Dana Khoury Eid, Marketing Director,
Non-Carbonated Beverages, Pepsico
MENA Region