As a distributor and bottler for Pepsico, the identity of MenaBev needed to be one that reflected this bold, close relationship, while still giving the brand an appropriate degree of independence. Our use of font and colour allowed us to achieve both.


Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring, which is why when we designed the identity and packaging for the launch of this nutritious takeaway brand, we made sure to reinforce its flavour as much as its freshness.


Committed to operating with honour, integrity and trust, HIT Cost Management Consultants needed to evolve their brand to reflect these core values – an outcome we achieved by modernising and refining their existing logo, while retaining their key identifiers and leveraging their strengths.


A new online delivery service for fresh meat, poultry and other products, needed a logo and packaging that reflected their passion for high-end produce. Our solution was a brand identity uniquely designed to bring their premium offering to life.


As a fun, affordable brand of mobile accessories, OMG tasked us with developing a brand identity just as youthful and energetic. By using bright colours and modern fonts, we were able to create vibrant, eye-catching packaging guaranteed to stand out in a cluttered supermarket environment.